Welcome Andrea Leiman, Ph.D.

Andrea Leiman, Ph.D. is an accomplished psychotherapist who has been in private practice in Montgomery County, Maryland for 37 years.

Dr. Leiman has closed her private practice in Maryland in anticipation of relocating to South Carolina. Before she relocates to South Carolina, she will be on sabbatical for several months. Should Dr. Leiman reestablish her practice, her website will be updated to reflect new information.

Resources that may interest you:

book coverUsing her extensive knowledge and experience working with teenagers and parents, Dr. Leiman co-authored the book, College Admissions Together: It Takes a Family.

In addition, and derived from her work as a Child Specialist, she published an article in The Maryland Psychologist, "Focusing on the Best Interest of Children: The Role of the Child Specialist in Collaborative Divorce."

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