Collaborative Divorce PracticeAndrea Leiman, Ph.D.

Dr. Leiman has closed her private practice in Maryland in anticipation of relocating to South Carolina. Before she relocates to South Carolina, she will be on sabbatical for several months. Should Dr. Leiman reestablish her practice, her website will be updated to reflect new information.

The Collaborative Divorce process is an alternative to litigation for separating or divorcing couples. With the help of individual coaches, couples agree to make decisions in a non-adversarial manner. The process emphasizes mutual respect and focuses on the needs of the children. Dr. Leiman has served in both of the mental health roles in the collaborative process - Collaborative Divorce Coach or Collaborative Child Specialist.

As a Collaborative Divorce Coach, Dr. Leiman has worked as a member of the Collaborative team, which includes attorneys for both parties, a neutral financial specialist and, when appropriate, a child specialist. She has helped clients to identify and express their interests and concerns in constructive ways. A critical role of the coach may involve helping the couple to create an enduring co-parenting plan that is acceptable to both parents.

When in the role of a Collaborative Child Specialist, Dr. Leiman has served as the “voice of the child(ren).”

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